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Add depth

extrude and bevel

Draw a shape. Select it.

Effect > 3 D > Extrude & Bevel...

Extrude and bevel

Once the window pops up:

1. Check Preview button

2. Set the depth of your object. You can use the slider or just type in a number.

3. Depending on what look you want to achieve - select a surface for your form. In my example I used Plastic Shading for colored form and Wireframe for the last image.

4. You can rotate the position of the object.

Position in space


If you want to add just a little thickness to your shape 0 set the depth to 2-5 pt.

If you want to rotate your shape in space without adding depth (image 3) use:

Effect > 3 D > Rotate

rotate options

You can also add Perspective effect to make it more realistic.

Revolving forms

revolve forms

You can revolve shapes around their right or left side.

Plan ahead and create a shape that is a "half" of the form you want to end up with.

(For a cone - draw triangle, for a sphere - draw half of a circle, etc...)

revolve options

If you want a full rotation: set Revolve setting to 360

Choose left or right edge to revolve around.

revolve 3D effect

Choose between Left edge and Right edge to revolve.

revolve 3D effectrevolve 3D effect
revolve 3D effect

You can choose less than 360 degrees. Here is an example of 330 degrees.

revolve 3D effect

This is what it looks if you add a STROKE to your shape.



You can use graph tools to create variety of graphs.

graph options

These are the tools


This example:

Use Pie Graph tool

Drag a circle. A table will pop up.

Enter your data

Click Apply button

After it's done - you can apply a color to each shape.

You can also apply a 3 D effect.


Here is a link to a great tutorial on graphs and other shapes:


Symbols & Dingbats


Use graphics from Symbols palette (Window > Symbols).

View more options at Symbols Library.


Use graphics from dingbats and wingdings fonts.