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drawing with lines

optical illusions

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Drawing lines. Abstract line design with an illusion of space. Lesson plan and worksheets.

Learning objectives:

  • Repetition & pattern
  • Manipulate lines to create an illusion of depth
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Sense of proportion and space
  • Abstract thinking
  • Line drawing skills
  • Measurements
  • Planning

materials needed:

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line optical design
line optical design


before you start

design worksheet

Use this practice worksheet to practice the design.

Use a pen.

  1. Complete the right column with parallel lines
  2. Complete the middle segments - follow the directions from Step 3

step 1 - divide the paper


Start with an 12x18 paper.

Use drawing paper rather than a computer paper - it works better with a permanent marker (it bleeds less).

Use pencil.

Use a ruler and draw two vertical lines 1/2" off the edge of the paper.

Draw lightly.


vertical margins

Draw horizontal borders 1" off the top and bottom edges.



Add two more vertical lines 1.5" from the first border


On line 1 and line 3: make a small mark every 1/8":rulermarksruler

drawing stepdrawing step

Make 5 - 6 marks on the top line and the same number of marks on the bottom line.

  • draw zig-zag or curved lines to connect these marks

  • the lines should not cross

drawing step

Do not draw lines that are too complex or too wavy,

step 2 - fill in the left and right columns

Start using a pen or a permanent marker.

op design drawing

Draw parallel lines as shown.


Do not use a ruler!!!!

op design drawing

Draw parallel lines on the right side of the drawing.


You will connect the corresponding lines from left and right columns with straight segments.

Each segment is a straight line.

Each segment goes at a different angle.

Each segment goes between the two pencil lines.

step 3 - connect the lines

op design drawing

Continue drawing the lines between the pencil lines.

Each line should end at the appropriate segment on the right.

op design drawing

Continue experimenting with the directions of the segments.

Mark a center of the design with a pencil.

Draw the segments all the way down to this center line.

op design drawing

As you reach the center line - start changing the directions of the segments into the opposite direction.

op design drawing

You can work with one section at a time.

op design drawing

If you have extra horizontal segments left:

incorporate them into design as on this picture *bottom right corner).

op design drawing

Erase all pencil marks!