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Essential Standards


by JuliannaKunstler.com

  1. Review the State Standards in your group (PLC)

    WI Art Standards

  2. Collectively decide on the importance of each standard.

    need to know vs. good to know

  3. Rephrase the standard to clarify your learning objective.



Description of Standard Example of Rigor Prerequisite Skills When Taught? Common Summative Assessment Extension Standards

What is the essential standard to be learned?  Describe in student-friendly vocabulary.

What does proficient student work look like?  Provide an example and/or description.

What prior knowledge, skills, and/or vocabulary are needed for a student to master this standard?

When will this standard be taught?

What assessment (s) will be used to measure student mastery?

What will we do when students have already learned the standard?


download template (Word file)

what's it about?


standards examples:

color tangles

ART I standards & curriculum

surrealistic tree

ART II standards