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Google forms for quizes. Step-by-step tutorial. How to set up a quiz.

Here is a simple way to create an online quiz using only Google Forms app.

There are no additional apps or platforms. Grading is done automatically within a minute. I use it for some of my formative assessment.

Once you created the formulas - you can continue using them for years to come!

See this quiz at the bottom of the page.

Please note:

There is an easier way to set up a google quiz by using Google Quiz setting. If you need a basic quiz - visit this page.


This tutorial will be helpful if you want to have more control over the settings.

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Google Quizzes.
No formulas!!!!


Step 1: create a form

google form

Go to your Google Drive

Create a New Form

google form

Rename the form by clicking on the "Untitled form" sign.

google form

Give it a descriptive name (ex. "Art-1 Color Theory")

Click OK.

google form

You can also add a descriptive text right below the quiz name

(ex. "Art vocabulary" or "pre-test", etc.)

Step 2: create required field(s)

required fields

Start with a required field: student's name.
Choose question type: Text
Check the Required question box. Then click Done.

required fields

If you want to, you can add more text fields for other student information: class period, homeroom teacher, etc.

Step 3: questions

quiz questions

Start adding questions to your quiz by clicking on an arrow next to Add Item button.
You can click directly on the button if you want to keep settings from the previous question.

For my first question I used Multiple choice question type.

quiz questions

Question title: type in your question. You can number your questions here if you want to.

Help text: add more detailed instructions or hints (it's optional)

Question type: You can change the question type at any time here

Answer choices: type in as many or few as you want

quiz questions

This is what the question looks like when it's done.

quiz questions

Next question: True/False

Again, I used the Multiple choice question type.

The two answer options are: True and False.

quiz questions

This is what it looks like.

quiz questions

Adding an image to a question will require 2 steps:

  • 1. Adding Image
  • 2. Creating a new question

Start with clicking on Image option in the Add Item menu.

quiz questions

Drag and drop your image here or choose other options to upload it.

Pay attention to image sizes. I use images between 200 pixels and 400 pixels wide.

quiz questions

The image you see in this screen-shot is 200x200 pixels.

You can type in your question here.

Click Done when it is uploaded.

quiz questions

Image itself does not support any answer options.

You need to create another item to offer the answer type.

In this example I chose Choose from a list.

quiz questions

Do not type your question here (you have already done it in the image window.

Choose the type of question, then type in the answer options.

quiz questions

This is what it looks like.

quiz questions

Next type of question is Checkboxes.

This option allows students to select multiple answers.

quiz questions

Here is what it looks like.

Step 4: the looks

google quiz design

After you are done with all quiz questions - time to apply some design to your quiz, just to make it more friendly. :)

Click on Change theme

google quiz design

Scroll down the right pane to choose one of the existing designs.

You will get an immediate preview, and you can change the design later.

Step 5: answer keys

test answers

To make the quiz work - you need to create the answer keys to your questions.

Click on View live form.

test answers

It will bring you to the quiz page.

test answers

For the name field you can type: teacher, answer keys, your name, etc.

The important part is that you need to be very careful and answer everything correctly.

test answers

Do not leave any questions unanswered.

test answers

Click Submit

test answers


This part is done!

Step 6: answer records and calculations

quiz calculations

Once you created a form, Google Drive will automatically create a spreadsheet with the same name.

This is where you will find all responses to your questions.

Also, you are going to set up all calculations here.

In the Responses spreadsheet you will see that every question is placed in a separate column. There is also an additional column with date and time when the quiz answers have been submitted.

quiz calculations

Select the entire row 2 (your answer keys). I usually freeze it, so I don't accidentally change something in the answers.
Go to View > Freeze rows > Freeze 2 rows (You want to keep the first row with questions frozen too).

quiz calculations

quiz calculations

Then I insert another column next to the student's name column.

Click anywhere in column B.

Then go to Insert > Column Right

This is where I will record the correct answers - so I give it this title.

quiz calculations

Then I answered the quiz one more time (you see "test" for student's name). This time I intentionally answered some questions wrong, just to check if the formula will work.

Click on the cell C3 (as shown) or, if you have a different structure, the corresponding cell (column: Correct answers, row: test)


Now, this is where it can get a little more difficult if you are not fluent with spreadsheets and the formulas. But no worries!

This is what we are trying to achieve in our formula:

    1. compare each answer with the answer keys;
    2. if the answer matches the key, it will receive 1 point (or more, if you wish to grant more points for certain questions);
    3. if the answer does not match the key, it will receive 0 points.

This is what it will look like in the spreadsheet language:


If this looks confusing, here is what it actually means:


Simply means that we are starting a formula, where the content of the cell will be equal to what is in the parentheses.


This is an "IF" formula.
It says this:
IF cell D3 equals cell D2, then it is given the value 1, if not, then 0


The $ sign makes it an absolute cell reference (to prevent automatic formula adjustments while copying and pasting the formula).


All values, given to each cell, are added for the final grade.
Add as many cell references as you have questions.

quiz calculations

Once you've added the calculation formula, hit Enter (Return) to apply the calculations.

quiz calculations

The result will show immediately.

You can copy and paste the formula below.

It is good for a quiz with 30 questions. First question starts in column E. You can modify it to fit your needs.

=(IF(E3=$E$2,1,0)+IF(F3=$F$2,1,0)+IF(G3=$G$2,1,0)+IF(H3=$H$2,1,0)+IF(I3=$I$2,1,0)+IF(J3=$J$2,1,0) +IF(K3=$K$2,1,0)+IF(L3=$L$2,1,0)+IF(M3=$M$2,1,0)+IF(N3=$N$2,1,0)+IF(O3=$O$2,1,0)+IF(P3=$P$2,1,0) +IF(Q3=$Q$2,1,0)+IF(R3=$R$2,1,0)+IF(S3=$S$2,1,0)+IF(T3=$T$2,1,0)+IF(U3=$U$2,1,0)+IF(V3=$V$2,1,0) +IF(W3=$W$2,1,0)+IF(X3=$X$2,1,0)+IF(Y3=$Y$2,1,0)+IF(Z3=$Z$2,1,0)+IF(AA3=$AA$2,1,0)+IF(AB3=$AB$2,1,0) +IF(AC3=$AC$2,1,0)+IF(AD3=$AD$2,1,0)+IF(AE3=$AE$2,1,0)+IF(AF3=$AF$2,1,0)+IF(AG3=$AG$2,1,0)+IF(AH3=$AH$2,1,0))

Step 7: distributing the test

online test
google quiz

Step 8: grading


After you have your students complete the quiz:

Copy the cell with formula: Edit > Copy (or Ctrl/Command C)


Click on the cell below (your 1st student).

Edit > Paste (or Ctrl/Command V)

After that, click and drag down the bottom right corner of the pasted cell.

It will calculate all grades at once.

Isn't that nice?!!


You can also adjust the cell formatting for a better view:

I made the row 1 a little taller, and changed the text wrapping to "wrap" - so I can read the entire question.


You can also add another column and have the percentage calculated as well.

student answers

Add a formula to your test row 3:


= starts a calculation formula
C3 is the cell with the correct answers
/4 out of 4 questions
% shows the percentage


Copy the cell formula


Paste and drag down to apply to the rest of the rows.

class listYou can change the background color if you want to...