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Why are we doing this?

Creating a simple site is an easy way to keep all of your projects in one place.

You can share the link with your friends and family.

You can share the link and images on social media sites.

Easy access!

Live example:

google site


set up your site:
google site

Go to the "Sites" app

google site

Click Create button;

Choose "classic" or "new"

google site

Name your site.

Give it your last name.

Click Create site

google site

You can skip the help option or keep it.

google site

Once the site is created - type in the title.

Place your first and last name here.

google site

In the upper left corner add the site's name (in case you are building multiple sites for different classes).

My suggestion is to name the site by your course name (Advanced Computer Graphics, for example).

google site

The default title image is too plain. You can replace it by uploading your own picture.

google site

Pick something neutral for the background - you don't want it to overpower the title of the page. All text should be easy to read.

Upload your first assignment
google site

Click on Upload button to add an image of your first assignment.

(Images button is for selecting the images that are already on your Google drive).

google site

Browse to the image to upload.

google site

Now the image is placed.

You can resize and reposition it.

Hold SHIFT to constrain proportions as you resize.

google site

There are more options for the selected image:

  • Crop
  • Uncrop
  • Attach a link
  • Delete
  • and more options
google site

At this point the site exists only in your account. To make it public you need to publish it.

Guess what?! Publish it!

google site

Before Google publishes the site - it gives you a choice of publishing/sharing options.

Choose "Anyone on the web" to make it accessible to your friends (if you choose to).

google siteTo preview the live site at any time - go to publishing options.

Remember, that the live site will not show the changes you've made unless you click PUBLISH button to apply the changes.

google site

To add a title to your image - go to hidden image options and choose "Add caption".

google site

Type the name of the assignment

section options
google site

You can change the background for this particular section.

If you roll over the left Grey pane - you will see an art palette.

Click on it.

google site

Select what kind of background you'd like for this section.

Adding text
google site

Click on Text box button

google site

A text box will be added under your image section.

You can insert the text box into your existing section by dragging it into position.

google site

This is where you will write a small paragraph (reflection) on your completed work.

Adding sections
google site

The fastest way to add a section for your new assignment/image is to duplicate your first one. This way everything will look well organized and uniform.

To duplicate the entire section - click on the second icon.

google site

Once the section is duplicated, you can change the background color (if you wish to) and replace images and text.

google site

In the image options choose "Replace image" and upload a new one.

Then type a new caption and a fresh reflection paragraph.

google site

Do not forget to click "Publish" button to apply changes.