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Welcome to the Art Department page!

Dear students, parents, teachers, and artists,

Below are links to the Art curriculum and lesson plans.

Please note the important links below:

high school art classes

studio classes

art 1

art 1 course

Art-1 is an introductory art class for beginners (year 1). The curriculum is for a year-long class. The structure is based on learning the Elements and Principles of Design.

Each element is a unit with a choice of assignments to practice and to apply the concepts of the Art Theory.

art 2

art 2

Art-2 is more advanced class (year 2), focusing on experimenting with art media. This is also a year-long class.

Once students have learned the basics at Art-1, it's time to experiment and to try different art techniques and media to choose their favorite. Each assignment is a different media, many of them are mix-media projects.

drawing & painting

drawing and painting

Drawing & Painting is an advanced art class (years 3 & 4), focusing on academic skills of drawing and painting. It is a semester class that targets students, who plan an artistic career in future.

Some of the assignments are college-level, just a bit adapted.

digital classes

computer graphics

computer graphics

Computer Graphics - introduction to digital imaging and design. Semester course starts with the presentation about types of digital images, their structure, terms, used in graphic design, etc. The majority of the time is spent on learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop. Some time is spent on learning Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Work files are also included.

adv. comp. graphics

advanced graphics

Advanced Computer Graphics - advanced Photoshop and Illustrator techniques, photo enhancement, introduction to web design, Adobe InDesign basics, and use of online resources.

Focus on creative, independent projects and advanced techniques.

It is a full year course.

visual literacy

visual literacy

A full year class to develop visual skills in digital and graphic design.

Learn composition, Color Theory, Gestalt Principles, Advertisement, etc.

3D classes

ceramics 1


Ceramics-1 is an intro to basic hand-building techniques.

A series of projects from basic pinch-pots to coil pots and slab objects.

Series of projects with useful information for a beginner course

ceramics 2


Ceramics-2 is a continuation of hand-building techniques, introduction of the wheel and other advanced techniques.

Focus on creative approach to each project, starting with sketches and thumbnails, planning the construction of the complex pieces, and, of course, throwing on the wheel.

sculpture & jewelry

jewelry sculpture

Sculpture & Jewelry - is a combination of 3-D media: from plaster of Paris to silver and soap stone.

Introduction to techniques and media. Students get a chance to try all to find a favorite.

(I am still working on the visuals, but the semester layout is ready.)

other art classes

art history

art history

Art History is exactly what it is. Includes textbook worksheets. There is also a time line with worksheets for notes for each art period.

Flash cards with world masterpieces for students to memorize. Unit exams are also included.

Art history - based on a textbook "History of Art for Young People"

special needs

art for special needs

Exploring art with special needs students.

Accommodative art course.

self-guided online classes

studio 1

art studio class

Complete self-guided introductory course for absolute beginners... [more]

studio 2

art studio class

Complete self-guided art course for novice artists... [more]

digital photography

digital photography class

Self-guided introductory course for absolute beginner photographers... [more]


1. Food, drinks, candy, gum are not allowed in the Art rooms. A bottle of WATER is permitted in room 206 (only).

2. Cell phones are not allowed at any time. Phones should be turned off and put away.

3. Be in the room before the bell rings. Dropping your stuff and leaving does not qualify you as being on time.

4. Sit at your assigned seat unless I give you OK to move. That means you do not walk around the room during the class.

5. Talk quietly with students at your table. Do not talk during the instructional time.

6. Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!

7. Use materials from your tote-tray only... don't go into other people's trays.

8. You can bring your work home anytime. You are responsible for having it back next day.

9. If you must swear, please do it elsewhere... Thanks.

10. You are responsible for cleaning your work area and the tools that you used.

11. If you are in the Graphics lab, use the printers for the current ART assignments only!!!

12. Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way... treat them fairly and nicely. This room should be a fun and comfortable place for everyone.


1. All assignments must be completed on or before the due date.
2. Unfinished artwork is graded as such.
3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up all work. You can sign out art supplies if needed.
4. If your project requires extra time to be completed, you have to make arrangements with me prior the due date. This is your responsibility.
5. Each project has a rubric with specific requirements and guidelines. Follow them.
6. Unless an assignment specifically requires copying, it will be interpreted in the same manner as plagiarism.
7. You are also graded for your in-class studio work.

art classes