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Water Submersion Story

in Adobe Photoshop
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

Water Submersion Story assignment for Adobe Photoshop. Lesson plan.

Your task is to submerge something in water.

A single object, or an entire scene - it's up to you.

The catch is that part of it must remain above the surface and you must show what's going on beneath the surface.


partial water submersion student example
partial water submersion student example
partial water submersion student example


Think of a story that you want to illustrate!

Start collecting images. Make sure you use good quality stock photos. And you will need quite a few!!!

Think about it! Just for the background - you will need sky, water surface, edge, underwater, sea floor, etc....

Here are some examples.

work image
work image
work image
work image
partial water submersion - background

As you work on the background - Use Layer masks and adjustment layers to protect the images.

Adjust colors and values to mach completely different photos.

Make sure you keep the original photos in case you need them again.

work image

What is your submerged object?

Make sure it is a really good quality image with an easy to remove background.

partial water submersion

To make a part of your object appear "underwater" - you will need to adjust colors, contrasts (levels), saturation, etc... of the submerged part:

Make it bluer/greener, darker, less contrasted, maybe blurred....

partial water submersion

Duplicate your object layer.

Use layer masks to hide unneeded areas for each layer.

Do the adjustments to the submerged part.

work file
work file

Thinking of the story that you are illustrating.... what else can you add to the image to make it fun?

Search for more photos of objects that you can add above and / or below water.

Think how they will interact.

partial water submersion student example

Continue improvising!

Have fun!!