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landscape coloring

intuitive color schemes
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by JuliannaKunstler.com

color wheel

Color scheme is just a choice of colors where colors work together to achieve a certain objective, mood or feel.

Traditional color schemes are based on colors relationship in a Color wheel.

In this assignment you will intuitively select colors to achieve different goals.

materials used:

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laserjet paper

Prismacolor premier 24

Prismacolor premier 72

watercolor pencils 24

color markers

alcohol-based markers

oil-based markers

professional set 36

watercolors 10

flat brushes

detailed brushes


landscape: color schemes

sunny day

landscape: color schemes

cloudy day

landscape: color schemes


landscape: color schemes


landscape: color schemes

crazy colors

landscape: color schemes


landscape colored

early morning


coloring worksheet

Print out copies of the coloring worksheet.

Create four different scenes by changing color schemes to set them apart.

Each time of a day, each weather condition will require a different set of colors:

  • color combination,
  • color values,
  • color brightness,
  • tonal relationship.

Use watercolors, colored pencils, markers, or both (mixed media) to color.

Please include any 2 of the following:

  • sunny day
  • cloudy day
  • sunset / sunrise
  • night
  • crazy (opposite / complementary colors)
  • mysterious
  • foggy morning
  • ice landscape


  • colors achieve the objective,
  • coloring technique: stroke size, blending colors
  • accuracy: stay within the outlines
  • the entire picture should be colored
  • craftsmanship!!