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obscure color wheel

spectrum painting

by JuliannaKunstler.com

Learning objectives

  • Intuitive thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Consistency
  • Understanding the color wheel
  • Expressive qualities and exploration of color
  • Color mixing


  • craftsmanship
  • originality
  • understanding of color and spectrum
  • clean application - painting skill performance



Create a unique color wheel that coincides with primary, secondary, and tertiart colors (total of 12 sections).

Use your imagination to create something obscure but recognizing all the colors in a subtle way.

Everything that is not a part of your color wheel should be black or greyscale.

You can manipulate the wheel in any way, but the spectrum should be completed as a full circle, have all 12 colors, and colors should go in order.

Fill the paper as much as possible.

At least 80% of the artwork should be painted!!!.

Start with sketching out ideas.

Carefully draw the layout of your idea, including all details.

Start painting. Be careful about staying within the outlines.