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Fall Landscape


by JuliannaKunstler.com

Fall Landscape collage. Exploring art assignment for students with special needs.

Supplies needed:

  • White drawing paper 18"x12"
  • construction paper 18"x12" in Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Brown, Grey, and Black
  • scissors, glue
  • permanent marker - black

materials used:


landscape collage


day 1

construction paper

Start with a sheet of white and a sheet of yellow construction papers.

collage base sheet

Apply glue to all 4 corners and sides of the white sheet.


Glue yellow and white sheets together..

Let it dry.

construction paper

Rip 1/3 of Orange, Red, and Blue papers.

construction paper

Rip approx. 1/5 or 1/6 of Grey and Brown papers.

ripping paper

day 2

collage background

Glue Grey and Orange pieces as shown.

Ripped edges should be facing each other.


Glue the Blue piece, ripped edge down.

Grey piece should be seen under the blue one.

ground colors

Glue the Red piece

Ripped edge should face up.


Glue the Brown piece.

Ripped edge should face up. The bottom part is aligned with the paper.

day 3

foreground details

Randomly add a few scrap color pieces.

tracing circles

Cut out a white and a yellow circles.

Yellow should be slightly smaller than the white one.

I have yellow D=1.6" and white D=1.75"


Glue both circles together.

landscape view

Then glue the "sun" to the rest of your collage.

Your background is done.

day 4


Rip at least 3-4 full height strips of black construction paper.

gluing the trees

Apply glue to the "trees".

Glue them to the landscape. Try to balance the composition.

adding details

Add a few smaller pieces for smaller trees.

day 5

cutting branches

Precut thin stripes of black construction paper for the branches.

The cuts do not have to be perfectly straight. Add some variations for the realistic look.

glue branches

Glue the branches.

Have them overlap.

day 6

marker drawingContent for class "step" Goes Here
small branchesContent for class "step" Goes Here
finished collageContent for class "step" Goes Here