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coloring art prints

with acrylics
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How to use acrylics in your coloring projects. Tips and tutorials for coloring art prints.

Check the links above to explore the basics of colored pencils techniques.

More information will be added here later.....

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Adding depth

Look at the variety of shades you can create.

Different shades of Blue are great for defying the shadows.

Think of a light source as you paint.

Plan where you want to place your highlights and shadows.

Something to keep in mind

Acrylics dry fast, which is great.... but... you'll find out that often they dry too fast. So don't place a lot of paint onto your palette if you are not planning on using up all paint that day. You can add a drying retarder to your paint to keep it fresh - just a few drops.

You can also use plastic cups with lids to keep your pre-mixed paint.

Acrylics dry a shade darker than a fresh paint.